Words Are Hard is a bi-monthly podcast formed from the community of writers at Chronicles of Tyria. Every episode, we discuss a new writing-related topic, with accompanying forays into books and gaming.


Formed in 2012, Chronicles of Tyria is a Guild Wars 2 fan-site focusing on character-driven fan-fiction and lore. Each week, you can enjoy new installments of a multitude of stories set in the world of Tyria.



Aspiring novelist and and gamer. Chase writes for chroniclesoftyria.com under the profile Anavari where he writes the story of a grumpy charr and his adventures. Right now, Chase does his best to keep on track with his projects and hopes to be a published author one day, until then he’s going to keep working towards getting better.

Twitter: @ChaseIsherwood

Email: chaseisherwood@gmail.com


Amy has been writing for as long as she can remember, inspired by a childhood fascination with books. By the time she was fifteen and confronted with school ‘careers guidance’, she’d decided being an author was the only profession she could possibly enjoy – which, of course, led to a string of other roles, including Archaeology student, bookseller and library assistant. These days, she lives in the North Yorkshire countryside with her partner, where they run a bed & breakfast business and smallholding. When she’s not working or writing, Amy enjoys reading, gaming, photography, and trying to pretend she’s a grown-up.

You can find her online at amysanderson.co.uk or on Twitter @blueistari.



Raven (also known as Varr) is an author, ghostwriter, editor, and dabbler in all things literary – particularly in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. He is the author of The Books of Varr series on ChroniclesofTyria.com, coauthors the literary blog Narratess (www.narratess.com), and spends almost all of his free time working on far too many writing projects.

On the podcast, he talks far too much and consistently reveals that he cannot (or perhaps just should not) make jokes.

You can find him and his ramblings at @KaedeVarr

For business inquiries, you can reach him at varr.business@gmail.com


Nienna is a writer working towards publishing and also currently writes for ChroniclesofTyria.com. When not writing or working on the Words Are Hard podcast, she does mom and wife things, leads a Guild Wars 2 guild with an iron fist, works at her art desk on various crafty things, reads, cross stitches, and tries to get out of the house once in awhile.

Twitter: @NiennaSLC


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