After Dark #1 – High School Hanky Panky

There are two things you need to know about this episode. One, that it’s completely, 100% off-topic, containing absolutely no writing advice whatsoever. Two, that it’s probably (okay, definitely) NSFW.

Welcome to Words Are Hard: After Dark! In these special episodes, we’ll be taking a more relaxed approach than usual, chatting about all manner of topics other than writing. To start off, we’re reliving our school days – or that’s where we’re starting, anyway. Expect tangents, digressions and plenty of swearing (we did say it’s NSFW!), as we delve into waters we wouldn’t usually touch on the podcast.

This is, of course, a special episode, and we’ll only be recording them occasionally (most likely when one of our hosts has something to rant about). If off-topic shenanigans aren’t your thing, don’t worry! We’ll be back with one of our regular, writing-related episodes in two weeks, when we’ll be talking about the story-based adventure game Life is Strange (now is a perfect time to play it if you haven’t already). Find us on Twitter @wahpodcast to keep up-to-date with that.

We also still have a contest running! See our Twitter or the last post on the Words Are Hard website for details. Remember, you can send your entries, or any questions regarding either the contest or our episodes, to

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