After Dark #4 – A Chuck Tingle Four-Way

On this very special day of the year, we clearly had to bring you a very special episode. This week, Nienna and Jalinar have joined us for a series of reviews – but, of course, this being an After Dark episode, these aren’t just any reviews. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Chuck Tingle. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Remember, this is an After Dark episode, which means nothing is off limits. Unlike our usual content, this is definitely NSFW, so please proceed carefully! (If you’re at all familiar with the work of Chuck Tingle, you probably already know why!)

As ever, we have a huge amount of fun recording our After Dark episodes, and we hope you’ll love them too. We’re also open to suggestions for future review topics, and 100% willing to subject our guests to similar works for your listening enjoyment! Send your ideas to, or contact us via Twitter @wahpodcast.

For now, we hope you’ve been thoroughly Tingled. We know we have!


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