Here you can find a full list of all our episodes, right back to the beginning!

Season One

S1E1 – Fan-fiction

S1E2 – Character Creation

S1E3 – Guild Wars 2 Review/Story Chat

S1E4 – Plot Basics

S1E5 – Deus Ex Heart

S1E6 – Crossing Genres

S1E7 – Fury Road Review/Story Chat

S1E8 – Fifty Shades of Ghost Librarians

S1E9 – Writing Outside Your Experience

S1E10 – Inspiration

S1E11 – Long Projects and NaNoWriMo

S1E12 – Decompressing after a Zombie Apocalypse

Season Two

S2E1 – Enoby and the Tan Banana

S2E2 – Inspiration from Naked Wolf Girls

S2E3 – Bad Fan-fiction and Zelda Lore

S2E4 – Anchorhead (Part 1)

S2E5 – Reaper Man

S2E6 – NaNoWriMo and Other Projects

S2E7 – Anchorhead (Part 2)

S2E8 – Holiday Q&A and the Return of Bad Fan-fic

S2E9 – Channeling Your Characters

S2E10 – Starting From Scratch

S2E11 – John Wick Review

S2E12 – Noble Pants (aka Writing Romance)

After Dark #1 – High School Hanky Panky

S2E13 – Life is Strange Review

S2E14 – Moist and Pulpy Gods

S2E15 – Anchorhead (Part 3)

S2E16 – Anchorhead (Part 4)

S2E17 – Writing Serial Fiction

S2E18 – Current Projects

S2E19 – Anchorhead (Part 5)

S2E20 – Ialda and Friends (Anchorhead Part 6)

S2E21 – Twist the Cab Sav, Raven (Anchorhead Part 7)

Season Three

After Dark #2 – A Return to Bad Fan-fic

S3E2 – Spooky Recommendations

S3E3 – Worldbuilding Science and Tech

S3E4 – Villains

S3E5 – Authors with Conflicting Opinions

S3E6 – The Gift of Fan-fic

S3E7 – The Emperor’s Soul Review

S3E8 – Writing Dialogue

S3E9 – Anti-heroes

S3E10 – Naming a Book

After Dark #4 – A Chuck Tingle Four-Way


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