New Listener? Start Here!

As any podcast listener knows, it can be tricky to dive into a new show without any introduction, and even harder to go right back to the beginning of a long-running show, which might have dozens or even hundreds of episodes.

To make life easier for our new listeners, we’ve compiled a list of five episodes that we feel are representative of Words Are Hard as a whole. If you want to know what we’re all about, this is a great place to start!

S2E10 – Starting From Scratch

The core of Words Are Hard are discussion episodes on a range of writing and storytelling-related topics. What better place to start than a talk about starting from scratch in your writing? This one is both a great introduction to our style, and a perfect listen for new writers!

S3E6 – The Gift of Fan-fic

Fan-fiction is a recurring theme on Words Are Hard, and some of our most popular episodes involve us choosing terrible examples from around the internet for either ourselves or our co-hosts to read aloud. We’ve done a number of these episodes now (you can find the rest on our Archive page), but we think this is one of the funniest!

S2E4 – Anchorhead (Part 1)

All the hosts here at Words Are Hard are gamers as well as writers, and over the last couple of seasons we’ve done a series of episodes playing through the text-based Lovecraftian adventure game Anchorhead. This is part one, in which we start our journey, and repeatedly throw our heroine off a bridge. (It makes sense if you listen, honest!)

After Dark #1 – High School Hanky Panky

As well as talking about writing subjects, we occasionally record completely off-topic – and often very NSFW – episodes, which fall under the title After Dark. This is the first in the series, where we talk about our experiences of high school. Remember, it’s NSFW, so listener discretion is advised, and we recommend headphones if anyone of a sensitive disposition is in the room!

S2E13 – Life is Strange Review

We’ve done a number of reviews on the podcast, talking about the storytelling in books, games and films. Our discussion of the story-based game Life is Strange is a prime example (though it’s also one of our longest episodes, so maybe not for the casual listener!).

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