S1E10 – Inspiration

For our tenth episode, we dive into the subject of inspiration. This is a big topic, but we chat about some of the ways you can find ideas for your fiction when you’re feeling stuck, or just want to get a new story off the ground. Our personal examples include finding inspiration in video games, films, and even natural landscapes. Also, watch out for our tangent in the middle, where we get sucked into discussing magic systems (we’ll be doing a full episode on the subject in the future, we promise)!

Thoughts? Comments? Want to let us know where you get your story ideas from? Send us an email to wahpodcast@gmail.com, or leave a comment on this post.

Note: we deliberately avoid discussing musical inspiration in this episode, because we’ll be doing a whole show on that in the future. Remember to subscribe, either via RSS or iTunes, to get a notification when that (and all our other episodes) happens!

Note, the second: we’re going to be chatting about Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man very soon, so if you haven’t read it, pick up a copy now to get the most out of our episode.

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