S1E3 – Guild Wars 2 Review/Story Chat

In the first of our regular segment of reviews and story discussions, we talk about Guild Wars 2, the game through which we all met.

Note: this is an in-depth talk about the plot, characters and gameplay of GW2, and we hold nothing back, which means spoilers aplenty. You have been warned!

In this episode, we cover the original story of Guild Wars 2, including character development and world-building, as well as some of the tie-in fiction which was released at the same time as the game. We discuss the ways the GW2 story faltered, as well as the dangers of only revealing key plot information in a completely different medium, but overall this is a game we all love, and feel provides a solid foundation for the rest of the story to come.

More notes: we’ll be covering the further story of Guild Wars 2, including its expansion Heart of Thorns, in a later episode, so look out for that!

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