S1E4 – Plot Basics

Every story needs a plot, so this week we talk about a few of the basic forms that can take. We start by covering the seven core conflicts a story can encompass (more details below), then discuss the essentials your plot needs to have. This could be as simple as that old adage ‘a beginning, a middle and an end’, but there are other factors to think about, too. Will your story follow a linear progression, for example, and what motivation drives your main character?

Finally, what happens when things go wrong? It’s easy to get bogged down when you’re deep in the middle of your story, whether you’ve lost the thread of your plot, or have mired yourself in too many of them. We talk about ensuring those extra sub-plots serve the rest of the story, and making changes when you’ve written yourself into a corner.

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Extra Notes: The Seven Basic Plots

(as discussed in the episode)

Man vs. Man

Man vs. Nature

Man vs. God/Religion/Society

Man vs. the Supernatural

Man vs. the Environment

Man vs. Technology

Man vs. Self

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