S2E12 – Noble Pants (aka Writing Romance)

Love is in the air! Or, more accurately, we decided we’d better make at least a small concession to the fact that February is the month of Valentine’s Day.

This episode, then, is all about writing romance. As we’re a podcast full of fantasy writers, we focus primarily on how to add romantic sub-plots to other stories. We also discuss a number of pitfalls of this approach, including the balancing act between ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’ romance when creating a convincing sub-plot, power differentials between characters, and making sure your character relationships develop naturally.

Are you a romance reader, or indeed a writer? Got tips or ideas that we could share with our listeners in future episodes (or just want to tell us how wrong we are)? Find us on Twitter @wahpodcast, or send an email to wahpodcast@gmail.com, and let us know!

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