S2E13 – Life is Strange Review

We’re back with another in our series of reviews/story chats, talking about the game Life is Strange. A story-based adventure game, Life is Strange gave us plenty to discuss, from its use of place and atmosphere, to the complications of creating consistent dialogue options when time travel is one of the key game mechanics. Primarily, though, we focus on both the characters and plot of the game, including Max and Chloe, the way their relationship shapes the story, and an ending that’s been incredibly divisive among players.

As ever, to get the most out of this episode, we recommend playing Life is Strange first (though in case that’s not an option for you, or to refresh your memory, we do start off by giving a general overview of the plot.) Whether you’re a gamer or not, there’s a lot to learn from Life is Strange – whether that’s what to do or what not to do – about characterisation, about introducing your villains, and perhaps most crucially of all, about not messing with time!

Have you played Life is Strange? What did you think? Has our review piqued your interest – or scared you off entirely? Let us know via Twitter!

Finally, our contest is still running, and now has an extended deadline (we realised our original date was right in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo, which wasn’t great timing for a lot of writers – including us!). You can find all the details in the contest blog post here.

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