S2E21 – Twist the Cab Sav, Raven (Anchorhead Part 7)

It’s the second of our mini episodes to tide our listeners over through the summer (and yes, we’re titling these purely to torment Raven). As you may have guessed, we’re back in Anchorhead, where it really is a miracle we haven’t yet died a slow, painful death. But don’t worry – there’s still time!

Previous episodes are below:

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We’re also taking suggestions for future adventure games we might be able to play on the podcast. If you have a title in mind, why not drop by our Twitter page and let us know? We’d also love to know if there are any topics you’d like us to discuss in season 3. As ever, we’re open to comments from our listeners, so feel free to get in touch! Let’s just hope the Lovecraftian beasties don’t get us before we have a chance to reply…

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