S2E3 – Bad Fan-Fiction and Zelda Lore

Today, in the scary spirit of Halloween, we’ve got a special, bonus episode for you! We’re joined by Jalinar, from Chronicles of Tyria, to talk about one of his specialist subjects: bad fan-fiction (which, if you listened to the first episode of this season, you’ll know really is terrifying).

We talk about all manner of mistakes that can make your fiction – fan or otherwise – go off the rails, from inconsistencies in your lore and world-building, to plot points that just don’t make sense. We also play a game, which proves that at least two of our hosts really don’t read enough bad fan-fic (or should that be literature?).

We’d like to thank Jal for joining us for this special episode. You can find him, and indeed the rest of us, over at Chronicles of Tyria (and we’d also like to thank him, as our editor, for ensuring that our fan-fic isn’t as terrible as some of the extracts read in this episode!).

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