S2E6 – NaNoWriMo and Other Projects

Somehow, November has come and gone, bringing with it this year’s NaNoWriMo. Two of our hosts were taking part and two weren’t, so in this episode we discuss what we’ve all been working on, both for NaNo and outside it. We chat about the plots and characters of our specific stories, as well as where we first found inspiration for our individual projects, and whether NaNoWriMo has altered what we’re working on in any way.

As usual, you can find us on Twitter @wahpodcast, or sending an email to wahpodcast@gmail.com with any questions or comments about this episode. Want to hear more about what we’re working on, or have ideas for future episodes? Let us know! You can also find more details of what all our hosts are writing and publishing by visiting our individual social media pages. All the links can be found in the About section.

Next time, we return to the Lovecraftian town of Anchorhead. Stay tuned!

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