S3E3 – Worldbuilding Science and Tech

Today’s episode is a continuation of a theme we started way back in episode 14 of season 2. In that instance, we discussed worldbuilding the religion for your story, and this time round we’re tackling the opposite side of the coin: science and technology.

We cover topics including how quickly technology in your world might have progressed, scientific aspects that might affect your worldbuilding without you even realising it, and that dreaded word for all SF writers: technobabble.

This is a big subject, and something a single episode can only scratch the surface of. Got something you’d love to hear us discuss in more detail? Let us know over on Twitter @wahpodcast, or via email at wahpodcast@gmail.com. We’ve also got episodes coming up on writing characters (and a very specific type of character – more on that next week!) and a review that we’ll be announcing next time. Stay tuned!

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