S3E4 – Villains

This week’s episode is all about a favourite subject of many writers: villains. In this discussion, we each pick a favourite villain from literature and talk about why we particularly like them. That might be because they’re irredeemably, unashamedly bad, or quite the opposite – they’re a villain, or antagonist, who’s all too understandable to the average reader.

We’d love to hear your favourites, too! We only had time to talk about three characters in this episodes, but there’s a whole world of fantastic villains out there. Let us know over on Twitter @wahpodcast, because this is a subject we’re bound to revisit.

Two quick notes: during December, we’ll be reviewing The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson. If you’d like to make the most of the discussion, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy. (It’s only a novella, so you’ve got plenty of time!)

Even more importantly, you should also check out the Chimes zine, mentioned at the end of the episode! All of our hosts have written a story for this GW2-themed zine, and there are a few days left to order your copy. There are 71 contributors altogether, creating a fantastic array of artwork, fiction and even cosplay – and better yet, all proceeds go to charity!

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